VPN advanced Q&A – Techie’s frequently asked questions

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VPN advanced Q&A – Techie’s frequently asked questions

The server you should connect to depends on your preference. i.e., if you want to access Germany content, you must connect to a Germany server. If it’s for general browsing, you should connect to the nearest server or a server with fewer load and lower latency.
A VPN slows your internet speed by a small percentage. This is due to the encryptions and other technologies involved.
No. if you want to go incognito correctly, use a VPN, it will mask your IP from many interested parties such as ISPs. Private browsing avoids website tracking and no browser history.
In a nutshell, proxies only hide your IP address. VPNs on the hand gives you full encryption and also hide your IP. VPNs are security and privacy oriented.
These are tools or objects that can monitor and intercept traffic along a given network. Hackers use these tools to steal your data when you are connected to a poorly protected network.
Double VPN is a technology that redirects data traffics from one VPN server to another.
Split tunneling is the process of allowing some data traffic through a VPN and the other traffic to go directly to the internet.
Onion refers to TOR, The Onion Router. In TOR, your data traffic is relayed across multiple random computers until it reaches the designated destination. This ensures your IP is masked. Onion over VPN is an implementation where your data traffic goes through the VPN servers and then goes through the Onion.
Killswitch is a technique in VPNs that makes sure your data traffic doesn’t leave your system when the VPN connection has dropped.
It’s a VPN feature designed explicitly for unblocking geo-restricted streaming sites such as Netflix.
This is an advanced security solution that protects you from cyber threats such as malware and also ads as well as giving you better performance, control and more security.

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